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NY Slices makes incredible gourmet New York Style pizza … We are dedicated to making the Best Frozen Pizzas that money can buy.  We are always looking to expand our distribution network in Grocery and Specialty retail stores around the country.

We make it easy for you to order, stock and sell our New York Slices pizza in your store.  Every pizza we make we pre-slice and package so your customers will love the convenience.

Every 16″ pizza is boxed with 8 slices in a zip-lock bag.  This way families can make a meal of an entire pizza or two … OR, simply grab a slice or two and heat that up in minutes.

The best thing about our pizza is the great taste!  We guarantee Freshness AND Quality … And best of all we use only natural ingredients. Our pizzas are “Always trans-fat free and most importantly we use 100% nut-free ingredients”.

Best Frozen Pizzas - NY Style pizza- available in stores

Contact us to learn more about adding NY Slices New York Style Pizza in your grocery or specialty store.

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