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About NY Slices

New York Slices is now shipping authentic, handmade, brick oven-baked New York Style Pizza anywhere in the US!  If you love the great taste of our Hot & Fresh New York Style Pizza then you will be excited to know that we now offer a frozen pizza line.  The best thing about our pizza is the great taste!  We guarantee Freshness AND Quality … And best of all we use only natural ingredients. Our pizzas are “Always trans-fat free and nut-free ingredients”.

Grab a slice any time!  You can now have our savory pizza at any time of the day.  Just pull it out of your freezer, heat it up and in just a few minutes you can be enjoying our hot, fresh pizza, whole or by the slice.  We’ve specially packaged our frozen pizza so you can heat up just 1 or 2 slices at a time.

New York Slices offers the Best Frozen Pizzas with the same great tasting pizzeria style pizza in the frozen food section of many popular grocery stores in your area.  You can also order our pizzas online by going to our shopping cart. We deliver right to your door anywhere in the US!


Our pizzas available include: Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage Pizza, and Veggie Pizza.  The sausage pizza is made using our signature sliced sausage with a spicy kick.  The veggie pizza is made with mushrooms and sauteed spinach. Our pizzas are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients.  Our best frozen pizzas are made fresh, cooled, carefully packaged and then frozen prior to shipping to give you the freshest authentic tasting New York Style Pizza.  New York Slices guarantees freshness and quality.

These are the Best Frozen Pizzas because they are specially packaged to retain freshness and flavor.  You receive a fully baked 16″ pizza sliced (8 slices) and carefully packaged in resealable freezer bag to give you the flexibility of heating up just one slice or the entire pizza.

New York Slices pizzas can be heated in a conventional oven or in the toaster oven. In as little as 7  minutes at 400 degrees you could be eating a slice that will transport you to the Big Apple every time you take a bite.  Now you have the ability to “Grab a Slice” anytime!



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